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Wireless Mouse IC

  1. Wireless Mouse IC MS8310 with Receiver DIP14L 3-6 buttons CPI 1200(default)/1600/800 No need RF transmitter

    MS8310 is a highly integrated chip designed for 2.4G wireless mouse. It innovatively realizes the radio frequency module of 2.4G wireless mouse.Three combinations of main controller module and optical sensor module.RF module of wireless mouse.The main controller module and optical sensor module are three in one chip technology. With the very few components on the periphery, 2.4G wireless can be realized.The mouse has excellent anti-interference, high sensitivity, very low power consumption and other performance, and can support the simplified production to the greatest extent.
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  2. Wireless mouse IC PAW3805EK-CJV1 PAW3805EK-CJV2 and lens LED Track On Glass Mouse Sensor

    The PixArt PAW3805EK-CJV1(PAW3805EK-CJV1) is an optical sensor which is optimized for infrared (IR) LED based wireless mouse application. It has high accuracy navigation ability that enables navigation virtually on any flat surface, including the transparent glass. The low power architecture and automatic power management make it suitable for power-sensitive application such as a wireless mouse.PAW3805EK-CJV1 is capable of high-speed motion detection up to the velocity of 40 inches/sec and 10g on non-glass surfaces, 20 inches/sec and acceleration of 5g on glass surface. In addition, it has an on-chip oscillator and a built-in programmable LED current driver. In order to achieve the best tracking performance, it is recommended to match the sensor with L029-LSI optical lens.
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