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Wireless Mouse RF Module

  1. Wireless Mouse transmitting and receiving modules

    Wireless Mouse transmitter and receiver module
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  2. Transmitting and receving modules for rechargeable wireless mouse

    Support USB 1.1 protocol, compatible with USB2.0 protocol Maximum reporting rate: 250/125Hz It supports three pairs of codes, including free code (default), power up pair code and software pair code.Support for mouse DPI software configuration Support 6 custom button functions?? support for waking up PC functions.Built in MTP supports soft RF testing, device information configuration, and preservation of code information.? 16 frequency hopping frequency points that support the intelligent generation of code time at 2402MH ~2480MHz frequency points.Support 40bit pair code ID Support FCC testing?Support power on RF detection and display test results through PC software.Support automatic test function for RF Support USB-IF testing
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